2010 Bystronic BySpeed Pro 3015 4400 watt
2014 Bystronic BySprint Pro 3015 6000 watt
2016 BySprint Fiber 3015 6000 watt

Why use our laser cutting services?







We utilize two Bystronic BySpeed Pro laser cutters and one BySprint Fiber cutter to ensure that your laser cutting needs are 100% accurate. With up to 6000 watts of resonation, our lasers will cut through just about any material with total precision.

Our Capabilities

Your Benefits

Wide range of cutting and thickness options

From a delicate “butterfly” cut in .005” steel to a heavy duty 0.5” thick high-strength steel

Precision accuracy


Clean edges and precision cutting within +/-.005”

Small holes and etching added to your jobs

Performed right on the lasers, and do not require secondary operations

Ease of downloading your DXF or DWG Cad files

Shortens lead times to manufacture and greatly reduces costs of first-time runs

Prototypes are as good as production runs.


Accuracy and efficiency the first time leads to quicker delivery and lower costs