CNC Bending

SafanDarley E-Brake 160-3100 NS: (176Ton x 122″ Press Brake)

– EC20 control, with graphical bend visualization of AutoPOL or Radan

– CNC X-axis, Y1/Y2 axis, R-axis and Manual Z-axis

Technical Specifications for the Safan Darley E-Brake 160-3100 NS
Item Value
Tonnage 160
Bow Length 120
Pressure force (in US tons) 176
Maximum stroke (in inches) 12
Q-dimension (in inches) 123
Closing speed (in inches/minute) 236
Bending speed maximum (in inches/minute) 48
Return speed (in inches/minute) 236
Motor power (in kW) 22
Weight (in US pounds) 33,069
EC20 Control ???
Graphical Bend visualization AutoPOL or Radan